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By Drifter on Apr 23, 2017 at 10:19 PM
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    Some in-game images from the game Firewatch. Not an overall bad game and fairly engaging albeit linear in construction. Not overly impressed with the ending but I suppose it leaves a few options for the next or and extension of the current.

    3b3364fd-0a1f-4206-98f5-d0335d57ae5c_normal.jpg 9e3913e1-e9e1-4bc3-9549-f72785ef32fc.jpg 751e166a-6cc8-4771-8cb4-2fb72ae757df_normal.jpg 972d68ed-ba9e-4b2a-9671-22fa0d59824b.jpg 665576ea-baf0-4a10-97fa-b3442928f4f2_normal.jpg aa1313f9-2761-4834-a4cb-3949dd28e1f4.jpg c6119f13-9d88-4e90-b9b2-ee4273c62df8.jpg cfafbcc9-5a41-4278-869f-f697d5255e22_normal.jpg


Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Drifter, Apr 23, 2017.

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